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Our Newest Product
Galaxy Communicators
All Galaxy Communicator HUDS, are easy to use, wearable HUD's. All have the ability to easily display the directory, catalog and events for a given network. Some Communicators, will have the ability to select multiple networks, manage galaxy devices, add third party applications and multi network messaging.   More..... Galaxy Products Page

Community Based Applications

Island Oasis Directory, Catalog, Event and Game Kiosk (http://islandoasis.biz/)
  Island Oasis Directory, Catalog, Event and Game Kiosk, is the newest of many directory related devices released by Galaxy Grid to be used within the Island Oasis virtual world.

  The Directory, Catalog, Event and Game Kiosk, has several menu options availble to the users.

  • Directory
  • Catalog
  • Events
  • HUD_Reset
  • Help
  • Join_Group
  • About_Us
  • Products
  • Login

  • This HUD can be used Gridwide

      Galaxy Corporation (GXY or the Company) has established itself as a premier developer and operator of a stunning virtual world data network comprised of social interaction, online entertainment, real world integration and e-commerce technology elements.

      The Galaxy Grid (www.GalaxyGrid.com) platform allows people from all over the world an opportunity to easily find and share information across many virtual worlds in real time.

      Many entrepreneurs and established companies see new opportunities of connecting to others via a new virtual 3D online environment and as a viable new channel of interacting socially and economically.
    Galaxy Corporation's technology will lead the way into the next generation of internet usage and applications, using hyper multigrid technology to allow instant 3D virtual access across multi-grid 3D networks to other virtual grids that other individual, companies or institutions that have or will developed.

      Currently most virtual systems are closed and do not allow easy movement from one virtual grid environment to another. This restricts involvement by their participants to other 3D virtual grids.

    Galaxy Corporation's new technology eliminates these restrictions and allows freedom of access across the hyper multi-gird 3D virtual environment, similar to the current World Wide Web.


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